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Well, this is a tough one because it is really a demolition vehicle rather than a "weapon" as such. The armour factor is 15 and the Speed is Average (remarkably) but the are the easy stats to do. What AP factor it would have would be questionable, but any vehicle hist by this would be KO'd as the crew would be utterly shredded by the explosion. So it's pretty much a hit and kill plus automatic explosion, or its a miss.

The area which is possibly more interesting is its effect on buildings. For a normal structure we're pretty much looking instant collapse, so we can use 10.3.6. which covers normal HE against buildings. I'd be inclined to give the Sturmtiger 24 dice and treat it as normal in the rules. The odds are on an immediate collapse in that way, and any 5's and 6's killing anyone in there seems to work for me.


остальные варианты типа ХЕ 100 АП 100, или 36" квадрат АОЕ куда более реалистичны, но гораздо менее интересны

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