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Рошамбо [Заметки]

Вот такой вот броненосец был у Франции. Где-то оно называется монитор, где-то броненосный таран, где - то броненосная батарея, да впрочем, это неважно, что оно такое. Оно просто прелестное!

USS Dunderberg, which is a Swedish word meaning "thunder(ing) mountain," was an ocean-going casemate ironclad of 14 guns. She resembled an enlarged, two-masted version of the Confederate casemate ironclad CSS Virginia. She was originally designed to have both gun turrets and a casemate but the turrets were deleted while the ship was still being built. Construction began in 1862, but progress was slow and she was not launched until after the end of the American Civil War in 1865.

The ship was not accepted by the Union Navy so its builder began seeking buyers elsewhere; Otto von Bismarck expressed some interest, and the thought of Prussia armed with such a vessel prompted France to purchase her and commission her in 1867 with the name Rochambeau. She was initially placed in reserve, but was mobilized in 1870 to participate in the Franco-Prussian War. The ship saw no action and wasdecommissioned after the end of the war. Rochambeau was stricken from the Navy List in 1872 and scrapped in 1874.

Назван французами  в честь

Marshal Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau (1 July 1725 – 10 May 1807) was a French nobleman and general who played a major role in helping the Thirteen Colonies win independence during the American Revolution. During this time, he served as commander-in-chief of the French Expeditionary Force that embarked from France in order to help the American Continental Army fight against British forces.

В сухом остатке.
Стосемиметровый монстр. 15 узлов скорость.14 пушек. (Her armament was removed and replaced by four Canon de 270 Modèle 1864/66 and 10 Canon de 240 Modèle 1864/66 guns, both of which were breech-loading. The 15-caliber 270-millimeter (10.6 in) guns fired a 216-kilogram (476 lb) shell while the 17-caliber 240-millimeter (9.4 in) guns fired one that weighed 144 kilograms (317 lb). The 270 mm guns were mounted in the corners of the casemate and could pivot between a broadside gun port and one on the corner. Eight of the 240 mm guns were mounted on the broadside and the remaining two were positioned in the bow and stern gun ports. The remaining four gunports, those on the corners closest to the broadside, were plated over.)

Даже известно, кто капитан. Жюль Франсуа Эмиль Кранц.

Ну и немного картинок.

Традиционно, Vive la France!

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